About PiPay:

PiPay is a payment gateway where Pioneers can integrate the PiPay API to their websites to accept payment in Pi.

Team Pihub:
  1. J. J. Dayo. Co-Founder and CEO
  2. R. UgwuJah. Co-Founder and COO
  3. A. P. ALLISON. Co-Founder, CMO/HBD
  4. O. S. Omoge. Co-Founder and CTO
  5. M. E. Ogbeide. Co-Founder and CFO
  6. Motolani. Legal Adviser and Secretary
  7. J. Jacob. CIO
  8. C. C. Anene. HR
Developers and Graphic Designers:
  1. Nwaoduh Ezinna Chiemeka - Frontend Dev.
  2. Okeke Charles Chukwubuikem - Backend Dev.
  3. Johnson Moses Oyinlola - Backend Dev.
  4. Ojigbare Excel Oyinemi - Frontend and Backend Dev.
  5. Ajeni Ban Dara - Frontend/ UI/UX.
  6. Tagbo Daniel Chika - UI/UX.
  7. Ogbo Oyin-Deinmone Gideon - Graphic Designer/Video Creator.
  8. Abdulazeez Abdulganiu Oluwatoyin - Graphic Designer.
  9. Oyerinde Gabriel Oyewale - Graphic Designer.

PiHub is a multi-functional Utility App. The PiHub project is as follows:
  • PiEx (Pi Exchange).
  • PiMall (An E-Commerce site and App where Pioneers can list their products and services for sale).
  • PiPay (A payment gateway for merchants accepting Pi for goods and services).
The PiHub project team will in the future add other utility services as we endeavour to cover every area of life with Pi, serving as means of exchange.

Pihub : Creating a better world.